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'Hoe meer keuze, hoe minder kinderen'

Johan Braeckman (author)

'Hoe meer keuze, hoe minder kinderen'

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Eos magazine, Jrg. 28 (2011) nr. 11, p. 41
'Hoe meer keuze, hoe minder kinderen'
Johan Braeckman

About Johan Braeckman

Johan Braeckman (born 1965 in Wetteren) is a Flemish philosopher. He is professor in philosophy at the University of Ghent and taught at various other institutions e.g. University of Amsterdam. He is editor of the skeptical organisation SKEPP's magazine Wonder en is gheen Wonder. His research, conducted along with a dozen doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, focuses on the philosophical problems associated with the life sciences, in particular the evolutionary theory and neuroscience.


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